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Hospice care can manage pain, control symptoms, and improve quality of life for as long as life remains.

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AIDS and HIV: General Resources

Today, HIV disease is managed like other types of chronic illness. It's no longer a death sentence. But since the main focus of Growth House is on palliative care, we provide the full text of the Workgroup on Palliative and End-of-Life Care in HIV/AIDS Recommendations to the Field.

There is a vast amount of information about AIDS and HIV disease on the internet. Because AIDS is a life-threatening illness, additional relevant topics at Growth House include hospice and home care, palliative care, death with dignity, and grief and bereavement. You can do additional research on specific conditions using our search engine.

Because it can take some time for hospice professionals to tailor palliative care and pain management to each person, it is best to begin some level of professional care before a crisis exists. Families often feel it is "too soon" to begin hospice care and wait until death is very near. Bringing hospice professionals in at the last minute limits their effectiveness. A better approach is to arrange introductory home meetings or hospice visits well in advance of need and obtain counseling from a hospice professional who can provide helpful suggestions on care arrangements. Put the support network in place before you need it.