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Eldercare and Dementia

While most seniors are healthy and function at high levels, as people grow older concerns for health care and day-to-day living increase. Eldercare often requires a multidisciplinary approach that touches on several aspects of life, including healthcare, daily living arrangements, finances, and emotional well being. To ensure the highest quality of life for the longest time, both seniors and their caregivers need information about available alternatives. Check the column on the right for some of the best resources we've found to the eldercare information maze.

At the very end of life, many people who are terminally ill choose to remain at home or enter a home-like alternative care setting such as a hospice. The decision to utilize hospice and home care services may be closely connected with a desire to achieve death with dignity.

Facing the end of life leads to feelings of grief and bereavement, both in the elderly person who is dying and in others.