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Women And AIDS

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We've compiled this list of books with a focus on women who are living with AIDS. For additional selections, please see the main bookstore.

If you are hunting for a special book or if there is a book you would like us to take a look at please send us mail and tell us about it.

Check these Growth House topic pages for "Best Of The Net" website reviews related to AIDS and HIV disease:

General AIDS Resources

AIDS in the Asia-Pacific Region

Health Resources

Grief and Bereavement

Women's Experiences with HIV/AIDS: An International Perspective
Published 1997
Lynellyn D. Long,

Table of Contents
By Peter Lamptey
Introduction: Counting Women's Experiences
By Lynellyn D. Long
Pt. 1. Living with HIV/AIDS
1. Negative in the Beginning, Positive in the End
By Christine Thomas, Lynellyn D. Long
2. I Have a Life, I Will Live
Contributors: Anonymous
3. Women Who Sleep with Women
By Joyce Hunter, Priscilla Alexander
4. HIV/AIDS: A Personal Perspective
By Debbie Runions
Pt. 2. Economic and Sociocultural Perspectives
5. Making a Living: Women Who Go Out
By Priscilla Alexander
6. Bargaining for Life: Women and the AIDS Epidemic in Haiti
By Priscilla R. Ulin, Michel Cayemittes, Robert Gringle
7. The Socioeconomic Impact of AIDS on Women in Tanzania
By Anne Outwater
8. "I'm Not Afraid of Life or Death": Women in Brothels in Northern Thailand
By Katherine E. Bond, David D. Celentano, Chayan Vaddhanaphuti
9. Women's Social Representation of Sex, Sexuality, and AIDS in Brazil
By Luiza Klein-Alonso
10. The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on Women and AIDS
By Mubina Hassanali Kirmani, Dorothy Munyakho
Pt. 3. Issues and Concerns
11. The Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in Women
By Jeanine M. Buzy, Helene D. Gayle
12. Sexually Transmitted Diseases as Catalysts of HIV/AIDS in Women
By Barbara Parker, David W. Patterson
13. HIV and Breast-feeding: Informed Choice in the Face of Medical Ambiguity
By Chloe O'Gara, Anna C. Martin
14. Women, Children, and HIV/AIDS
By Carrie Auer
15. Care and Support Systems
By E. Maxine Ankrah, Martin Schwartz, Jaclyn Miller
Pt. 4. Promising Directions
16. Dilemmas for Women in the Second Decade
By Elizabeth A. Preble, Galia D. Siegel
17. Women Educating Women for HIV/AIDS Prevention
By Kathleen Cash
18. Talking about Sex: A Prerequisite for AIDS Prevention
By Geeta Rao Gupta, Ellen Weiss, Purnima Mane
19. Challenges for the Development of Female-Controlled Vaginal Microbicides
By Christopher J. Elias, Lori L. Heise
20. The Ethics of Social and Behavioral Research on Women and AIDS
By Carl Kendall
Epilogue: What Next? A Policy Agenda
By E. Maxine Ankrah, Lynellyn D. Long
About the Contributors

Women in the Time of AIDS: Women, Health and the Challenge of HIV
Published 1997
By Gillian Paterson.

From conversations with women around the world, messages on billboards, an analysis of popular women's magazines in Brazil, descriptions of sexual taboos in Asia, Women in the Time of AIDS uses frank talk and chilling detail to show the myriad ways cultures devalue women and women's experience and contribute to the spread of AIDS. Not hesitating to name the hypocrisy of the church, Paterson challenges churches lovingly and compassionately to accept and support women, particularly those affected by AIDS - as Jesus would have done. Accessible in language, rigorous in its argument, Women in the Time of AIDS in must reading for all those involved in international health and global development, particularly in the churches.

The Medical Management of AIDS In Women
Published 1996
This stand alone reference consists of contributed chapters by highly experienced professionals in their respective areas of AIDS research and care who address all aspects of the medical management of the female AIDS patient. There are chapters devoted to each opportunistic infection in order to provide sufficient detail for the managing physician. Chapters on immunology and virology emphasize basic principles and clinical correlates. Chapters of additional interest include prevention of HIV infection, legal issues, HIV testing and counseling, and perinatal transmission.

Breaking the Walls of Silence: AIDS and Women in a New York State Maximum Security Prison
Published 1997
An almost unique documentation of the AIDS situation in a women's correctional setting. For additional resources related to AIDS and serious illness in prisons, click this button:

Positively Women: Living With AIDS
Published 1996
Sue O'Sullivan, . A collection of essays on socio-political aspects of AIDS in women.
Table of Contents
Positively Women: Statement of Aims and Services
Positive Women: Our Lives, Our Stories
How HIV/AIDS Affects Women's Lives
UK Declaration of Human Rights
Contributors: National AIDS Trust
An AIDS Consultant's Approach
By Danielle Mercey
Research HIV/AIDS and the Invisibility of Women
By Emily Scharf
A Naturopath's Approach to HIV/AIDS
By Carol Smith
A Traditional Chinese Medical Approach to HIV and AIDS
By Lei Zhou An
Housing Needs of Positive Women
By Roz Pendlebury
Legal Concerns of Women with HIV or AIDS
By Simmy Viinikka
Pregnancy, HIV and Women
By Sue O'Sullivan
Thinking About the Issues
By Hope Massiah
Facing the Challenge - Living With 'It'
By Andria Efthimou
Sex in Difficult Times
By Sue O'Sullivan
Grief and Loss
By Bev Greet
Health Information & Resources
Healthy Living
By Kate Thomson
British Resources & Reading List
North American Resources & Reading List
Australian Resources & Reading List
Further Reading
s' Biographies

Until The Cure: Caring For Women With HIV
Published 1994
A collection of expert articles covering law, medicine, nursing, public health, social work, ethics, and psychiatry. Includes personal accounts from women living with HIV. The aim of the book is to improve the quality of care provided to women.

Table of Contents
By Jonathan Mann
1. Introduction: An Overview of Women and HIV Disease
By Ann Kurth
2. A Primer of Health Care
By Mary Young
3. Gynecological Considerations in the Primary-Care Setting
By Risa Denenberg
4. Reproductive Health and Counseling
By Margaret Hutchison, Maureen Shannon
5. Obstetrical Management
By Janet L. Mitchell, Ilene Fennoy, John Tucker, Patricia O. Loftman, Sterling B. Williams
6. Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Infection
By Kathy M. Sanders
7. Trends in Federally Sponsored Clinical Trials
By Joyce A. Korvick
8. A Community Advocate's View of Clinical Research
By Iris L. Long
9. Ethical Issues
By Carol Levine
10. Legal Considerations
By Michele A. Zavos
11. Epidemiology and Natural History
By Kathryn Anastos, Sten H. Vermund
12. The Developing World: Caring for the Caregivers
By Kathryn Carovano, Helen Schietinger
13. Working with Communities of Women at Risk - A Chronicle
By Helen Gasch, Mindy Thompson Fullilove
14. Caregiving: A Matriarchal Tradition Continues
By B. Joyce Simpson, Ann Williams
15. Optimizing the Delivery of Health and Social Services: Case Study of a Model
By Ann Sunderland, Susan Holman
16. Programs and Policies for Prevention
By Krystn Wagner, Judith Cohen
Appendix: Resource List
By Ann Kurth, Laura J. Wittig
List of References
List of Contributors

Women Resisting AIDS: Feminist Strategies of Empowerment (Health, Society, and Policy)
Published 1994
Beth E. Schneider and Nancy E. Stoller (s)

Table of Contents
Introduction: Feminist Strategies of Empowerment
By Beth E. Schneider, Nancy E. Stoller
Pt. I. Women Confront the Problem of AIDS
AIDS in the 1990s: Individual and Collective Responsibility
By Eka Esu-Williams
Complications of Gender: Women, AIDS, and the Law
By Nan D. Hunter
African-American Women at Risk: Notes on the Sociocultural Context of HIV Infection
By Diane K. Lewis
Social Control, Civil Liberties, and Women's Sexuality
By Beth E. Schneider, Valerie Jenness
Pt. II. Women and the Problems of HIV Prevention
Sex Workers Fight Against AIDS: An International Perspective
By Priscilla Alexander
Women in Families with Hemophilia and HIV: Improving Communication About Sensitive Issues
By Cathy Stein Greenblat
AIDS Prevention, Minority Women, and Gender Assertiveness
By Barbara G. Sosnowitz
Transferability of American AIDS Prevention Models to South African Youth
By Ntombifuthi Agnes Mtshali
Constructing the Outreach Moment: Street Interventions to Women at Risk
By Cathy J. Reback
Pt. III. Women Organize AIDS Care and Foster Social Change
Call Us Survivors! Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD)
By Rebecca Denison
CAL-PEP: The Struggle to Survive
By Gloria Lockett
Lesbian Denial and Lesbian Leadership in the AIDS Epidemic: Bravery and Fear in the Construction of a Lesbian Geography of Risk
By Amber Hollibaugh
Some Comments on the Beginnings of AIDS Outreach to Women Drug Users in San Francisco
By Moher Downing
Action-Research and Empowerment in Africa
By Brooke Grundfest Schoepf
Lesbian Involvement in the AIDS Epidemic: Changing Roles and Generational Differences
By Nancy E. Stoller
The Role of Nurses in the HIV Epidemic
By Marcy Fraser, Diane Jones
Pt. IV. Problems and Policies for Women in the Future
Challenges and Possibilities: Women, HIV, and the Health Care System in the 1990s
By Helen Rodriguez-Trias, Carola Marte
AIDS, Ethics, Reproductive Rights: No Easy Answers
By Cheri Pies
How AIDS Changes Development Priorities
By Mabel Bianco

Other titles related to women's health and AIDS

AIDS: What Teens Need To Know
An informative and potentially life-saving book for middle school students.

Hot, Sexy, and Safer
Suzi Landolph has brought her acclaimed standup performance on safe sex to 1.5 million high school and college students. A past guest on "Maury Povich," "Giraldo," and other TV shows, Landolph now offers honest, funny answers to the questions she's heard most often during 300 annual performances over the past five years.

Ready To Live, Prepared To Die
A woman with terminal cancer comes to terms with her illness and gives practical advice on planning for end of life.

No Place For Borders
A study of the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on development in Asia and the Pacific. Published July 1997.

Motherless Daughters
Hope Edelman's bestseller on how experiencing the loss of a mother through death or desertion at any age has ramifications throughout a woman's life.

Recovering from the Loss of a Loved One to AIDS
Personal sharings are combined with professional views to suggest approaches to grief that may work for you.

Accepting Your Gay Or Lesbian Child
An audiocasette "book" with a live round-table discussion including topics that are crucial to understanding gay and lesbian family members. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each tape will be contributed to PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).