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Symptom Management Algorithms

A Handbook for Palliative Care

By Linda Wrede-Seaman, MD
Published by Intellicard

2nd Edition Publication date: 1999, 190 pp.
ISBN: 188841107-4 (paperback)

1st Edition Publication date: March, 1996, 104 pp.
ISBN: 1888411007 (paperback)


This pocket-sized handbook for palliative care professionals presents decision algorithms for assessment and management of pain and common symptoms in terminal illness. It is widely used by hospices and palliative care professionals in the United States. Each section integrates assessment procedures with a range of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment algorithms.

Topics cover all the core areas for hospice and palliative care including pain and symptom management, use of the Karnofsky and ECOG scales, appetite problems and palliative nutrition, cultural sensitivity guidelines, tables of adjuvant medications, and much more. It is an educational tool as well as a handy reference guide for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who deal with palliative medicine.

The author is the Medical Director for Providence Hospice of Yakima Washington. The book reflects treatment protocols developed there.

Table Of Contents (1999 Edition)

Overview of the Algorithm Process
Agitation Assessment
Agitation Treatment
Anxiety Assessment
Anxiety Treatment
Appetite Loss Assessment
Appetite Loss Treatment
Ascites Assessment
Ascites Treatment
Bladder Assessment
-- Urinary Incontinence
-- Anuria
Bladder Spasms Assessment
Bladder Spasms Treatment
Bowel Assessment
Bowel Treatment - Stepped Care GI Program
Candidiasis-Oral Assessment
Candidiasis-Oral Treatment
Candidiasis-Perineal Assessment
Candidiasis-Perineal Treatment
Cough Assessment
Cough Treatment
Cultural Sensitivity Guidelines
Depression Assessment
Depression Treatment
Diarrhea Assessment
Diarrhea Treatment
Dyspnea Assessment
Dyspnea Treatment
Falls Assessment
Falls Treatment
Fatigue Assessment
Fatigue Treatment
Fever Assessment
Fever Treatment
Gastroesophageal Reflux Assessment
Gastroesophageal Reflux Treatment
Gastrointestinal Assessment
Gastrointestinal Treatment
Headache Assessment
Headache Treatment
Hiccough Assessment
Hiccough Treatment
Mucositis Assessment
Mucositis Treatment
Nasal Congestion Assessment
Nasal Congestion Treatment
Nausea and Vomiting Assessment
Nausea and Vomiting Treatment
Opioid Induced Nausea Treatment
Opioid Induced Sedation Assessment
Opioid Induced Sedation Treatment
Pain Assessment - Step One
Pain Treatment - Step One
Pain Assessment - Step Two
Pain Treatment - Step Two
Pain Assessment - Step Three
Pain Treatment - Step Three
PCA Pain Assessment
PCA Titration of Opioids
-- Choosing an Equianalgesic Dose of New Opioid
Pruritis Assessment
Pruritis Treatment
Psychosocial Assessment/Intervention Guide
Secretions Assessment
Secretions Treatment
Seizure Assessment
Seizure Treatment
Skin Care Assessment
Skin Care - Braden Scale
Skin Care Guidelines
Skin Care Treatment
Sleep Disturbance Assessment
Sleep Disturbance Treatment
Spiritual Assessment/Intervention Guide
Terminal Agitation Assessment
Terminal Agitation Treatment


Medication Tables
Adjuvant Medication Chart
Non-Opioid Analgesics
Topical Steroid Potency Ranking
Specific Headache Medications
Suppository Recipes
Therapy for H. Pylori
Pain Tables and Charts
WHO Analgesic Ladder
Pain Assessment Tool
Pain Assessment Form
Pain Management Principles
Pain Descriptions
Pain Syndromes
Pain Management Options
Pearls for Analgesic Titration
Equianalgesic Chart
Equianalgesic Doses
Scores, Scales and Guides
Hospice Referral Guidelines for Non-Cancer
Ethical Decision Making Guidelines
Pressure Ulcer Staging
ECOG/Karnofsky Rating Scale
NY Heart Association Functional Classification
FAST Score
Mini-Mental Status Examination
Quality of Life Guidelines
Missoula-Vitas QOL Index
Quality of Life Linear Analog Score
FACT Score
Dietary Lists
Renal Preservation Diet
Low Sodium Diet
Herb Chart
Fruit Paste Recipe

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